Skultuna is a brass foundry, if nothing else is noted the product is made of solid brass. Skultuna products need care by its owner to keep fresh through the ages.


Polished brass

Use a mild metal polish and a soft cloth, avoid using water. Skultuna recommends the Glanol Polish (available with Scarlin Brands).

Brushed & Etched brass

Use a water-soluble cleanser that washes away with water after the treatment.​ Skultuna recommends Bistro Brass Polish (available with Scarlin Brands).

Silver plated

Use a small amount of mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Gold plated

Wipe with a dry or a lightly damp cloth.

Sterling Silver

Use silver dip to clean jewellery.


Leather is a natural material, wearing it causes it to change and grow more beautiful with age if you take good care of it. Do not clean it with any household cleaning fluid. Please try to keep it dry at all times, let it dry naturally (do not place near a source of heating or open fire). Skultuna can not be held responsible for any damage due to negligence.